Warning: Death Begins In The Colon According To Nobel Winner Ellie Metchnikoff

"Amazing Secret Discovered By An Indian Farmer Eliminates Almost All Constipation, IBS & Fatigue From You In Less Than 6 Days.100% Guaranteed...!"

-Shanthi Immanuel

Forget the agony of constipation, the inconvenience of IBS and the fatigue which makes you frustrated and finally discover the stunningly simple secret behind the Indian farmer who make it a child’s game.

Hint: It does NOT involve a single minute of dieting, starving or any such non-sense! I'll throw in a secret weight loss plan also, just for giving this a try.



(Don sent in this testimonial, just after 3 days of getting this ebook.)

"7 Of The 9 Dreaded Colon Cancer Symptoms Gone In Only 3 Days..."

Dear Shanthi,

Wow, Thanks!! What solid information is in your report.

Of the 16 "Symptoms on Page 4, I had 9.... Now I have only 2.

This was after the 5 second Colon Cleansing Solution on page 8.

And, also this was after only 3 days. I feel I will conquer my other 2 symptoms within the week.

*NOTE* You said that over 1 Billion people use this method,and I had never heard of it.

Thanks again for your wonderful report!

Just after 2 weeks of following your Colon Cleansing methods, I feel like a New being...

Don Hutson, Delaware, Ohio

p.s. I am also going to use the lemon deal too!



Dear Friend,

f you are constipated, feel very fatigued during the day and go thru bouts of lack of energy, then this may be the most important letter you'll ever read in your life at this time.


Here's why:

I have discovered a couple of things on Colon Cleansing that have made all my wildest health dreams come true. Let me tell you what happened in my life.

My Uncle Died Of Adenocarcinomas...

If you don't know the term, it meant he died of Colon Cancer.

He was only 46, father of two kids, a 11 year old Ed and a 4 year old princess named Andrea. That was one of the saddest days of my life simply because, he was very close to his nieces and nephews and to me in particular.

I call February 27, 2006 my freedom day.

On that day, I went to my native village. I was visiting my relatives after a very long time. We were there to remember our uncle. A prayer meeting was held.

Some of the elders of the village who knew my uncle as well as my grandfather came there as a mark of respect for the deceased.

After chatting with some of them I met this very old farmer, who worked for my grandfather and knew my uncle. He was 80+ years old but very agile and very, very healthy.

After a few minutes of idle chat, we started talking about health and I was wondering how those who are old are getting healthier and why we, the so called city grown-ups with access to the latest technologies and the gadgets are failing so very badly in health.

I was Overweight...

Look, I was 34, and 61 pounds over weight, frequently fatigued and suffering from low energy which asks for quick fixes like soft drinks, coffee and tea. I was constantly suffering from Constipation.

And I was very worried to say the least, when I read that according to the World Health Organisation...

"Cancer of the colon and cancer of the rectum are the second most common forms of cancer in North America, exceeded only by lung cancer."

-World Health Organisation


Have you ever wondered about how much we care about our clothes, our body and our hygiene and conveniently forget the sewer of our body, the colon?

Do You Manicure & Pedicure?

Many of us,women, spend lots of time, energy and money on taking care of our bodies.

We shampoo our hair daily, we do our regular facial cleansing and toning.

We spend hours putting on makeup and the right clothes.

We even manicure our nails, pedicure our toe nails, wax and remove our unwanted hair, visit the beautican often just to make sure we look pretty and presentable.

But the sad fact is we forget to keep our insides clean and healthy until a nasty symptom or a fatal disease, gives us a hell of a scare, just like what happened to my uncle.

Our digestive track, also known as the "sewer system" of the body also need to be clean inside.

And you can not escape the fact that, if you want to live a long, happy life, you have to keep your colon clean.

Do you suffer from any of the below ?

  • Frequently tired ?
  • Feel bloated?
  • Overweight?
  • Food allergies?
  • Easily irritated ?
  • Bad breath?


If so, it's almost certain that you have an un-clean and a rather toxic colon, which you need to take care of immediately.

Why Do You Need A Colon Cleansing Now?

Modern life exposes us to heavy chemicals and tons of toxins. In fact, we are continously bombarded by the toxins in the food we eat, in the water we drink and even the air we breathe. I don't have to tell you about the prescription drugs we take.

Because of this our colon is clogged with waste materials and toxic chemicals. In fact, the Doctors say that if a person visits the restroom once in three days, he or she is "normal".

For Pete's sake, why should the food I eat today has to remain in my colon for three long days?

Can Parasites Be Responsible For Mass Killings?

And here is one of the most unbelievable things I discovered. Autopsies done on almost 80%+ of the people, found out that their colon crammed with waste materials.

And the parasites were thriving in there. These tiny creatures play havoc on almost every cell of the body. In fact, National Geographic magazine estimates that parasites are responsible for the death of more human beings than all of the wars combined.

The "typical" American diet, plays well along with this. It contains lot of sugar, white flour and red meat. It has little or no fiber and the result is:

      • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

      • Moderate to severe Constipation

      • Headache

      • Diegestion problems

      • Total lack of energy

And you know what...

A Clean Colon Is An Absolute Must For Weight Loss...

If you are in any form of weight loss program, or if you are thinking about taking one, you have to know that a Clean Colon helps you reach your weight goals faster.

You can not only have a flat stomach, lose your excess weight but also as a bonus, your skin allergies may totally disappear.

Are You Open For A Suggestion?

When I told the old Indian farmer, the friend of my grand-father about my constipation and my fears about Colon Cancer, he asked me rather casually, whether I am open to suggestions.

Open to suggestions...? I am all for it. I would pay anything for the secrets of his great health.

I was ready to do anything, if only he can help me get rid of constipation and thereby reducing the risk of the dreaded cancer.

And he shared it with me...

He said it will take ALL of five seconds to take this solution and I'd be completely free from constipation.

I was all ears as he shared me his Secret. I expected something which will take me some time and money and here he was sharing this secret and the cost to administer the solution is Zilch.

I know for sure that when you read the secret 5 second colon cleansing solution, you will also feel like that.

How can a thing so simple and easy can save someone from such a great danger?

I was skeptical and because of the respect that I had for him, I was polite and decided that he was pathetically out of date and gave it a shrug.

And I was still constipating as ever. I still had the impaired digestion and the recurring head-aches which made my life a living hell.

Sometimes, I even had this deadening metallic taste in my mouth, I wondered if I have some kind of a toxic plant inside my belly.

Out of pure frustration, I decided to give my old friend a chance.

Hey, I tried everything...

I've thrown tons and tons of hard earned dollars down the toilet but I found no relief.

I decided to give this a try and my life changed in just 5 seconds flat.

It's now almost a year since my freedom day. I am feeling so good. I now have regular bowel movements. My colon is so clean, that I have started enjoying my life once again.

Because my life was changed upside down, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

I put together a simple report just 13 pages (all meat and no fluff) where I explained how I delivered myself from the hell of constipation and all it's associated problems.(If you are looking for a novel, please go to your nearest Barnes & Noble or your Borders Bookstore.)

Ok! I'd Like To Give You A Report That Can Rev Up Your Life In Just A Few Minutes!
Email address:
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Andrea Is Still Looking For ...

...her Dad. Eventhough my nephew Ed is bit older, the sadness still lingers on. They still believe that their Dad has gone somewhere and will be back sometime soon.

What about you? What will you do if you happen to meet my nephews?

What about your kids?

Are you going to do something for your loved ones?

They need you for the love and affection and care that you and only you can provide.

You can give that to them or go the way my uncle went. The choice is yours.

colon cleansing ebook

The Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook is for the whole family, but specifically valuable to responsible adults like you who want to make the best choice for themselves and for their family.

The Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook explains Colon cleansing from A to Z with helpful tips, checklists and explains clearly what needs to be done.

This 13 page report alone could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and untold heart-ache that you can never measure but that you could not ever forget.

Here's what you'll get in my Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook:

  • The top 7 things you should do while doing a colon cleanse...(Page 5)

  • The 7 Absolute No - Nos while doing your colon cleanse...(Page 6)

  • The very best diet system while you are going thru the process...(Page 7)

  • 5 Second Colon Cleanse - How To Do It? When To Do It? How Long To Do it? (Page 8)

  • 4 simple ways to keep your colon at peak health all the time..(Page 9)

  • Does colon cleansing be a boring chore? The answer will surprise you. Find out on page ...(Page 11)

  • 11 step intense colon cleansing solution - Step by step explained and it's so easy a 4 year old can follow the instructions... (Page 11).

  • Who should not even think about colon cleansing...(Page 12)

With A Clean Colon You May Be Finally Be Able to...

With a clean colon, you may finally able to feel like a new man, just as Don Hutson of Delaware, Ohio has found out: (By the way, Don sent in this testimonial, after 2 weeks of getting the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook.)


I Feel Like A New Being...

Hi Shanthi,

This is Don Hutson again, from Delaware,Ohio

I just wanted to let you know that I read your 5 second Colon Cleanse Report here.

I can’t help but let you know how best it helped me.

Well, the first thing was the 5 Second Colon Cleanse Special Report on Page 12, I tried that and let me tell you, with-in a week, I almost felt like a whole new man.

And within 2 weeks, I went down to the Lemon Juice Colon cleanse on Page 8.

I never thought anything like that would help me as much as it did.

You know I am getting older. I decided that I am going to live longer and it can only be done thru good health.

Thank you and I just wanted to let you know how good your report was.

Don Hutson,Delaware, Ohio

p.s. It motivated me to start a whole new blog called www.dailyhealthtips.info I am going to post a lot of stuff about health.


How Much Does This Cost?

The right question would be how much do you think your health is worth to you.

  • How much do you think it is worth for your children and your loved ones to have you around?

  • How much do you think it's worth to be alive caring and nurturing the ones you love?

  • How much would you pay for to be present at your daughter's wedding or your son's graduation?

These are absolutely not measurable in dollars and cents right?

However, I am going to let you get the lifetime of health and well-being thru my Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook for a measly $37.00

Extra-Ordinary, Risk-Free 56 Day Evaluation

I'm so sure you'll love the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook, I am going to give you a ridiculous, risk-free 56 Day evaluation offer. That way, you'll have plenty of time to examine the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook and discover for yourself how deeply soothing it is to enjoy the day full of energy, love for life, and the confidence that you'll feel which comes from being truly clean inside.

If you're dissatisfied, you may return the product FOR ANY REASON and I will cheerfully issue you a full refund.

I understand that most people, including me, are skeptical when they hear about what a new ebook might do for them. Understanding this, I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience it for themselves, without risking a penny of their hard-earned money.

Why am I doing this? I'm that confident that you won't believe what the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook does for you!


YES, Shanthi! Let me download the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook NOW!

I'm ready to finally take charge of my health and I am excited to find out what the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook has for me, on a completely RISK FREE basis! I understand that:

  • As soon as my order is successfully verified, you will let me download the PDF file and I don’t have to wait and I will have it ready for printing and reading in just a few minutes. You’ll also email me where I can download it again, just in case. Since this is a digital download, I don’t have to pay for any Shipping & handling.

  • I understand that I don’t  have to change my daily routine while on the 5 Second Colon Cleanse Program. There is NO Fasting involved and I DO NOT have to be on a special diet. I’ll be able to enjoy ALL the benefits of the program following the simple, take my hand, step by step instructions.

  • I can evaluate the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook completely risk-free for 56 days . If I'm not satisfied, I can return the product within 56 days and I'll get all my money back with a smile.

  • If I dislike the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook FOR ANY REASON, I get to return it.

  • I am ordering safely and securely. In fact, my transcation is safer than using it in my favorite restruant and is 100% secure.

Order Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook You won't regret it.





To your health ,
-Shanthi Immanuel



Try it risk-free for 56 days! Take full advantage of the "try it on me " 56-day evaluation. You deserve the energy, health and freedom from pain that the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook can help you to achieve.

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I completely forgot.

I have a Special Bonus which helps you lose one pound a day without hunger or cravings. In fact, you can eat everything you want during the program.

  • It contains a plan on how to lose a pound a day easily and effortlessly...

  • You'll not only feel better all day long, you'll have improved concentration and your metabolism will be so good that you could almost feel the excess fat melting away from your body.

  • A 20 Minutes A Day Weight training program

  • A detailed diet plan, any one can follow.

Look at it as just my way of saying "thanks for giving it a try." So don't wait. Click here right now to order your Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook



Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Will there be a change in my diet?

A: I have given you a very healthy vegetarian diet. However, you can still do the colon cleans without being on diet. So, it's entirely optional..

Q: Do I have to live near a bathroom?

A: Not at all. In just a few days, you'll start being regular with one bowel movement a day at least. It will occur during you normal hours and you certainly don't have to camp near a bathroom.

Q: I'm a Vegetarian. Is this Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook right for me?

A. Yes. Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook is 100% Vegetarian.

Q: Is the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook 100% gluten-free?

A: Yes. The Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook NO gluten.

Q: When will I see results? How long should I remain on the 5 Second Colon Cleanse ?

A: Many of our customers experience measurable results within the first week. We recommend remaining on the program for 60-90 days. and repeating the program twice a year.

Q: Is the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook suitable for children?

A: The Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook is NOT designed for small children. It IS perfectly suitable for teenagers of high-school age or older.

Q: Should I use the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook if I'm pregnant or nursing an infant?

A: No. A fetus or newborn should not be exposed to the toxins being eliminated from the mother's body while on the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook program.

Q: Should I wait before buying the Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook?

A: Your health is the most important asset you may possess. Every moment you lose may pull you down towards a huge health crisis. Why let that happen? This is a good day and you can say yes to your health now, by clickingon the lin below to buy Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook.

Click here right now to order your Do It Yourself 5 Second Colon Cleansing Ebook...

Health & Personal Care Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, neither do I play one on TV. You are responsible for the health decisions you take. Consult your physician before making any change in your health regime.The statements and information in the ebook are not evaluated by FDA or any other statuatory body and is not intended to diagonose, treat and or cure any disease. This is not intended to be a substitute for any advice given by a licensed health care professional.

Shanthi,Give Me Your Free Report As I Am Not Ready To Try Your Ebook Right Now!

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